Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Sonny Sonnleitner

Lead Pastor  

Unorthodox - Family- Loyalty
In little and big ways, little and big moments showing others that Jesus loves us and we can be family.

Pastor Sarah Sonnleitner 

Co- Lead Pastor 

Faith - Family - Unity
Becoming a more unified family through God's grace because of our faith in Him. 

Pastor Jen Schlosky  

Associate Pastor  

Authenticity - Community - Learning
I am daily pursuing a relationship with Jesus to be an honest reflection of his truth and character to help others to do the same. 

Pastor Toni Vano 

Associate Pastor 

Gratitude - Compassion- Empathy
With a heart of gratitude for all the Lord has brought me through in my 82 years, with compassion and empathy, I seek to encourage others in their own relationships with God, especially during difficult times.

Pastor Rita Ouellette  

Associate Pastor - Women's Ministry 

Creativity - Contentment - Purpose
I am devoted to following Christ, using creativity to inspire and motivate others to learn their purpose.

Pastor Bobby Murrieta

Worship Pastor  

Mentorship - Faithfulness - Integrity
The Great Commission has been at the forefront of my lifelong values while growing daily in my life to Love Him first and love others like He loves.  And Allowing His humility to grow and work through my life daily as I do my best to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.  

Pastor John Donovan 

Youth & Young  Adult  Pastor  - Men's Ministry 

Adventure  - Joy - Inclusivity
As I walk with God it is my desire to show Jesus to his people and build the Kingdom for today and future generations.

Pastor Jessi Rinehart Donovan

Youth and Young Adult Pastor 

Communication - Adaptability - Connection
My goal is to serve Jesus and His church by creating authentic relationships with both young people and the leaders that serve them, and connect them to available resources and opportunities.

Pastor Megan Conlon

Communication & Administration 

Compassion - Curiosity - Grace
I am walking with God, growing in mercy and knowledge of the Lord while intentionally looking for people who feel unseen.